USS ‘Oumuamua increases readiness amidst exploration duties

USS ‘Oumuamua increases readiness amidst exploration duties

GAMMA QUADRANT — Closing out a period of rest and recuperation for the crew, the USS Oumuamua has refocused efforts on maximizing readiness as the ship pivots back to exploration duty.

Recently, the USS ‘Oumuamua handled a simultaneous dual first-contact mission and led diplomatic efforts in the quadrant. Following this strenuous operational tempo, it provided the crew with an opportunity to recover physically and mentally. Ship leaders now say that it’s time to get back to work.

“Anytime you give the crew major downtime like this, it always takes a kick to get things moving again,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves, the ship’s First Officer. “We’ve gotta shift everyone’s mindset out of vacation mode and back into putting their full effort back into the ship.”

In that effort, leaders and crew alike have begun a flurry of counselling and medical check-ins to complete annual fitness requirements while simultaneously doubling down on staff meetings and training events. The engineering section has been notably especially busy in completing mandatory maintenance certifications ahead of schedule.

The USS ‘Oumumua is the lead Federation starship in the Gamma Quadrant task force, responsible for general exploration and diplomatic efforts within the quadrant. Leading a flotilla of four other ships, the Luna class exploration cruiser has been responsible for multiple first contacts, survey missions, and key diplomatic engagements with the emerging United Dominion of Planets.

Recent sensor reports and ship movements indicate that the Starfleet task force is currently undertaking search and rescue operations in the region. Sensor buoys confirm contact with the USS ‘Oumuamua, Nashira, and Sekhmet, however, the USS Cabato seems to be absent from all available sensor feeds. Starfleet has refused to comment on the matter.

Written by Wes Greaves

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