USS Juneau investigates Borg wreckage on the pre-warp planet of Anadasa

USS Juneau investigates Borg wreckage on the pre-warp planet of Anadasa

ANADASA — The crew of the USS Juneau (NX-99801) divide and conquer after discovering Borg debris on the planet’s surface, a bizarre cult in the local population centre, and an abandoned Cardassian moonbase.

The crew of the Juneau uncovered evidence of a Borg sphere crash into one of the planet’s oceans upon landing in the Anadasa system on a regular survey trip. Captain Oddas Aria sent two away teams down to the surface after discovering odd energy readings from a coastal city near the wreckage.

Kalia Qinn, the ship’s new First Officer, led the crew exploring the disaster on the ocean below, followed by Marine Nan Hesan. Their mission was to figure out what remained of the wreck and neutralise any possibly dangerous Borg components.

Lieutenant John Kendrick and Lieutenant JG Thomas Falt were dispatched alongside the Captain to the city of Da’Al to study the unusual energy readings and to eradicate Borg taint.

Following the deployment of the first two teams, the crew of the Juneau discovered a previously unknown Cardassian base on one of Anadasa’s moons. Lieutenant Commander T’Lea and Ensign Dekas headed a small crew to the moon to see whether there was any relation to the Borg wreckage on the planet below.

The deployed crew learned that the people idolised the retrieved body of a Borg Queen, which was dead and kept in a glass casket.

Dekas, upon entering the moonbase, discovered the work was greater than intended and sought further assistance. Major Kiran Han and Warrant Officer Gwen Kingsley beamed down to aid the Ensign with medical and security support. After Dekas powered on the moonbase’s computers, Borg programming that had infiltrated the systems in the past gained control and barred transporters.

Dekas led the team further into the structure in search of a method to shut down the moonbase’s systems. Unfortunately, Borg nanites infected Dekas.

Qinn saved Dekas just in time by completely deactivating the Borg technology in the ocean wreck and using the Borg transporter to get past the interference and administer an anti-assimilation medication to reverse the harm by the nanoprobes.

The Juneau eventually collected all of her troops and launched a magnetic storm in Anadasa’s atmosphere, crippling all Borg technology on the surface and destroying the Borg Queen’s remnants.

Written by Kalia Qinn

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