USS Arrow confirms successful Proteus Engine test flight

USS Arrow confirms successful Proteus Engine test flight

EARTH, SOL SECTOR – Starfleet’s search for the missing Arrow proves fruitful as the ship returns to the Alpha Quadrant.

The search for the missing USS Arrow (NCC 69828) was deemed a success as the lost vessel returned to Starfleet Command undamaged. The vessel apparently entered what is believed to be a ‘Way Tunnel’, a vast subspace tunnel system connecting several distant points of the Milky Way galaxy.

Their impromptu mission there involved a visit to Odyssey Station; a massive structure at the point where the Alpha and Beta Quadrants meet on the galactic map. According to reports, the holographic ‘Greeters’ of the station spend an eternity looking for a Guardian of the station – a biological component to operate the station and guide visitors.

Science officer Lt.JG Jacin Ayemet and Engineering officer Ens. Connor Dewitt briefly spent time connected to Odyssey, but broke free via their own will and return safely to the ship.

In their search for the missing Capt. Randal Shayne and Chief Intel Officer Cmdr. Ash MacKenna, a team led by Security Chief LtCmdr. Artinus Serinus, including LtCmdr. Chloe Waters, LtCmdr. Roxy Wilde, Ens. Philomena O’Malley and Ens. Jex’ath uncovered a Maquis Reborn sleeper agent responsible for the sabotage of Proteus and the abduction of the Captain and CIO. Resisting capture, the responsible agent, Lt. Kelar Hasad, beamed aboard Odyssey as the Arrow used the Way Tunnel back home. It is currently believed he now fulfils the role of Guardian of Odyssey.

“Serves him right for being a sleeper agent,” one crewman told us. “Now he’ll be awake forever.”

Returning home, another Maquis Reborn agent, after a failed attempt to steal Proteus, again gave the Arrow the coordinates of their missing crew. The ship used its first full test flight of the engine to head to the Plantagenet System at slipstream velocity and rescue Shayne and MacKenna, who had already escaped their bonds and had made a break for freedom.

The flights were deemed a success by Starfleet, and the crew is now enjoying much-needed shore leave.

Written by Maz Rodan

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