Second rally accident, science expo mishap, and a diplomatic crisis plague Amity Outpost

Second rally accident, science expo mishap, and a diplomatic crisis plague Amity Outpost

BAROSSA SECTOR – The Imhotep racing team won the inaugural Antarian Class rally at Amity Outpost, while Klingon scientists almost brought the station to a standstill. A Federation outreach to Delta Quadrant species resulted in various dramas, yet it is still regarded as effective.

The first Antarian class gathering at Amity Outpost was overshadowed by a series of mishaps. A stray torpedo hit the Talaxian team’s racers, forcing them to be evacuated to Amity’s medical facility. The rally resumed after a 24-hour delay. The Imhotep racing team, commanded by Ocampan pilot Wylam, finished first and took the victory.

Cav Kato’s ship came in second. Many race observers were surprised when the Federation team of pilot Lt. Ariadust and Operations Officer Ens. Zalbac finished third. They executed a hazardous race manoeuvre, causing their spacecraft to spin off the track and collide with Amity. This resulted in their lower ranking. Ariadust’s quick thinking to employ their racing vessel’s tractor beam prevented the accident.

However, it came at a cost: Ariadust and Zalbac, who were both unconscious, were also airlifted to Amity’s medical centre for treatment by Chief Medical Officer Lt. Ikaia Wong.

The three-day Scientific Exposition that ran concurrently with the rally had its own challenges. A Klingon delegation exhibited an experimental power relay device on day two. This was done in tandem with Ildarian’s quantum kiln system. The majority of Amity Outpost’s systems were impacted. Lt. Reade, a Starfleet Engineer, stabilised the situation, averting disaster and allowing the fair to proceed.

Many Delta Quadrant species objected to the Vidiian delegation’s participation at the fair. The Kathesis Pact organised these demonstrations, threatening to obstruct the Amity’s solar-nebula system. The Vidians were barred from Amity by Ambassador Rivi Vatiax and her Diplomatic Corps crew. Dr. Merik Saqit, a Vidiian virologist, was forced to present to the expo’s delegations remotely. Meanwhile, on board Amity’s auxiliary USS Independence-B, Vataix met with Pact delegate Gelehi Falshikai and a Vidiian citizen group.

Following these incidents, an article published in the Briori Sun by journalist Arthur Summerside sparked controversy. Starfleet was billed as the Federation’s “paramilitary force” in the book “The Blinding Light of Friendship: The Federation’s True Colors, Revealed.” The Federation’s intention in returning to the Delta Quadrant, it speculated, was to “ingratiate itself with the inhabitants and redraw boundaries as it sees appropriate.” First Secretary Keehani Ukinix, an aide to Ambassador Vataix, dismissed the implications.

“Starfleet is the Federation’s scientific research, peacekeeping, and defence service.” Amity is only a Federation Diplomatic Outpost in the Delta Quadrant. The Federation does not have an expansionist policy, as member worlds are fully aware. Any claim to the contrary is just speculative.”

Despite the difficulties, guests praised the events.

“The exhibition was instructive, and I developed many new professional contacts as a consequence of the show,” said Traygn Oiut, a Naddordin propulsion specialist. O’Zeer, the rally race director, praised Amity Outpost for hosting the enriched deuterium-fueled sport. “Problems at new rally sites are to be expected. Amity Outpost was extremely well-organized and aggressive in guaranteeing the rally’s success. The rally route is distinctive and difficult, and we are looking forward to a larger and brighter event at Amity next season.”

Written by Wil Ukinix

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