Search underway for missing officers as delegates arrive

Search underway for missing officers as delegates arrive

DENALI STATION — The crew is searching for an away team that disappeared after an explosion, as Cardassian and Mithglin delegations arrive for talks.

A large explosion destroyed a city spire shortly after Chief Science Officer Tomas Falt led a small away team to investigate a mysterious room beneath it. A rescue team led by LtCmdr. Qinn was immediately dispatched to aid the away team but discovered them to be missing. They began a search, during which Qinn was injured by falling debris and forced to return to the station for treatment.

Whilst the search continued, FltCpt. Oddas, aided by Counsellor Ashley Yael, welcomed Cardassian and Mithglin delegations to the station for high-level diplomatic talks. The group was also unexpectedly joined by Ferengi Daimon Kaybay, who talked their way into a seat at the table. As the talks began, Lt. Stelek – concerned by how the timing of the explosion coincided with the delegation’s arrival – launched an investigation, assisted by new arrivals Ens. Forsyth and LtCmdr. K’Nori.

The investigation did not find any direct evidence of Mithglin or Cardassian involvement. However, suspicions were raised further when Lt. Dekas, who had assumed command of the rescue mission and taken the USS Eagle to the far side of the ring after picking up an unknown Starfleet signal, encountered a Cardassian vessel that had been following them. After a brief exchange, the Cardassian ship left the system without incident and the rescue team could trace the source of the unknown signal to a previously undiscovered underwater facility containing the missing away team, who had been transported there by an unknown alien device.

Unable to reuse the alien transport device after the explosion, they had trapped the missing away team in the facility. They had focused on finding a way home and had started the Starfleet signal picked up by the USS Eagle. They also discovered a small alien submersible, which they hoped to use to escape. Whilst checking it over, they encountered another marooned Starfleet officer, a mysterious Vulcan named V’Las.

“Efforts are now underway to get the away team, along with V’Las, out of the facility using the submersible and back to the Eagle,” explained LtCmdr. Qinn. “We will continue to track this situation and report.”

Written by Tomas Falt

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