Peace talks on board the USS Chin’toka end in violence as accusations face new information

Peace talks on board the USS Chin’toka end in violence as accusations face new information

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The crew of the USS Chin’toka enters into a period of rest following intense peace talks which ended in violent conflict when a surprise third party entered into the fray.

Thanks to the efforts of the crew of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) the two opposing factions finally sat down for peace talks with Capt. Mei’konda Delano facilitating the talks aboard the Akira-class starship. Representing the Al-Leyan Council faction was Capt. Ket Raga, father of Chin’toka’s Chief of Security, LtCmdr. Toryn Raga. The Exiles were represented by Chancellor Jarain Andala and Ambassador Aldek Desai, who is the father of Chin’toka’s Mission Specialist, LtCmdr. Lael Rosek-Skyfire. While talks were underway, Cmdr. Jaelyne Isa led a small contingent over to the Exile ship O’di’th to help complete efforts on the ship.

During the talks, Ket Raga revealed what appeared to be damning evidence that the Exiles had launched unprovoked attacks on several Council ships, completely destroying them. Raga’s claim was that the Exiles were being controlled by some psionic entity that was bent on dominating the entire Al-Leyan species, and the Exiles were the puppets of the entity. The situation was looking very bleak for the Exile faction when things suddenly changed.

After an hour, Isa brought her team back to the Chin’toka while talks continued. Tempers were reaching a boiling point inside the conference room and Delano called for a recess. As the delegation was emerging to allow their tempers to cool, a refitted Klingon K’Tinga class starship decloaked and opened fire on both the Chin’toka and the Council ship, AMS Kuraĝa. During this attack, the psionic entity that Ket Raga had feared, suddenly attempted to invade his mind and dominate him. Thanks to the fast action of his son, Toryn Raga, and Ens. Basbah Trem, Ket Raga was shielded from the entity and it was forced from the bridge of the Chin’toka. At last report, the entity had retreated to the K’Tinga and they were making their retreat.

A brief, but pitched battle ensued, and the Kuraĝa sustained heavy damage, while the Chin’toka received only light to moderate damage. Once the battle was over and the enemy vessel in retreat, repair operations were put into place and within days the Chin’toka crew was back on course for their home port of Shemsh colony. The Kuraĝa accompanied them for a few days before altering course for Leya-I and the crew of the Chin’toka is now entering into a period of rest and relaxation.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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