‘Oumuamua crew mediates a dispute between plant-based and insectoid species

‘Oumuamua crew mediates a dispute between plant-based and insectoid species

GAMMA QUADRANT — At first the USS ‘Oumuamua (NCC-81226) crew discovered a plant-based species of sentient trees aboard an organic geodesic dome in space. The dome, capable of warp flight, is well known to the region in the Gamma Quadrant by merchants and explorers.

What they did not know was the dome, called the Aba Ara by its inhabitants, was home to two different species.

“We didn’t expect one species, let alone two,” commented Major Wes Greaves, the executive officer of the Luna Class starship. “When we found out what was really going on, well, I’m not sure anyone was really ready for it.”

Reports released by the ‘Oumuamua describe a cybernetic and technologically advanced insectoid species that also live aboard the Aba Ara. This race, calling themselves the Suclese, hides from others by keeping themselves out of phase with the rest of our universe. They then use this stealth to collect the sap of the Eesse.

The ‘Oumuamua’s crew quickly discovered that this procedure kills the Eesse but is necessary to treat a neurodegenerative disease of the Suclese.

With the fate of both species in the balance, the crew continue to mediate discussions between the two, trying to discover a path to life for both.

Written by Wes Greaves

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