Ops Crew unable to wrestle Miranda VII from Terra Prime

Ops Crew unable to wrestle Miranda VII from Terra Prime

STARBASE 118 OPS – Several teams from Ops Staff have been despatched to deal with the terrorist organisation that has claimed Miranda VII as its new head of operations.

Terra Prime, long renowned for its supremacist doctrine, remained in power after crew members failed to depose the group.

“Almost everything that might go wrong did,” said Crewman Seth Maille. “No matter how skillfully plans were performed, things tended to unravel.”

“Things appeared to be going well until we were attacked by some type of plasma weapon that removed our shields.” Lieutenant Commander Arturo Maxwell was on the USS Rahuba’s crew when a ship commanded by a high-ranking Terra Prime member demanded surrender and then attacked. “And then we boarded…”

While the Rahuba and her crew were successful in their mission to destroy the Terra Prime spacecraft, nine crew members were killed in the subsequent combat.

Other teams used a variety of strategies. According to sources, two groups invaded the facility. Per the reports, one caused an entire hangar bay housing several of the organization’s spacecraft to implode, while the other hacked into the database and removed the shields, allowing captive citizens to escape Terra Prime’s grasp.

“So there was this enormous boom and shaking, and then alarms started going off all over the place,” one escapee remarked. “There were a lot of panicked individuals rushing to flee all around me, but I wasn’t one of them. I’m cool with bizarre, utterly inexplicable things happening at the station that I had no idea were going to happen. We’re never going back There are just too many cults and explosions for our entirely respectable business.”

Despite these triumphs, a bigger tragedy unfolded when Terra Prime claimed credit for unleashing a potent poison on Utopia Colony, killing 20,000 of its citizens, the majority of whom were hybrids. Medical officials on board Ops are now looking for an antitoxin, but the terrorist circle poses a genuine threat.

“This isn’t the conclusion of the story.” First Officer of Starbase 118 Ops, Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau, urged. “They might have won the battle, but they didn’t win the war. Terra Prime cannot and will not be allowed to stand.”

Written by Alora DeVeau

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