Ops Crew return from time travel trip, saving alien race from extinction

Ops Crew return from time travel trip, saving alien race from extinction

STARBASE 118 OPS – An unexpected reaction to a recurrent anomaly brought the crew of Starbase 118 Ops into touch with the Risuan, a previously unknown race. After treating the injured and assisting in the discovery of the cause of an unknown sickness, the team aided with repairs and then brought them home.

“We are the last of our species,” Elder Pa’rhi, a Risuan community leader, said. “Who knows if we would have survived another generation if it hadn’t been for the crew of StarBase 118?”

According to sources, not everyone was pleased with the Risuans, and there was an altercation between the newly found species and an intelligence officer.

“Their Healer is linguistically problematic for such a developed species,” explained the unnamed Intelligence Officer. “I fought long enough as he mispronounced my name. I am not a diplomat; I am an intelligence officer.”

Our unnamed source continued to say that the First Officer executed thorough and harsh consequences for his behaviour.

Despite some tense meetings, the Risuans expressed thanks to the Federation for their ongoing assistance in their search for a more permanent home.

Meanwhile, the entire crew took advantage of their shore leave and made the most of it. It also provided an opportunity for numerous new crew members to settle in and get to know their fellow officers.

Lieutenant Sherlock noted on her new reassignment, “Everyone has been very warm and friendly. A varied set of skilled officers with whom I am looking forward to working and getting to know more. Then there’s the Intel guy…I’m not sure about him yet.”

Some officers spent their vacation time visiting other worlds rather than staying at the station.

“It was nice to travel and spend some time away from our typical surroundings, and all that comes with it,” replied Lt. Trovek Arys when questioned about her recent trip to Cardassia. “Cardassia is lovely, with a fascinating history and culture. We are already planning our future visit.”

Some residents kept closer to home. The Cecilian flu outbreak prevented others from reaping the pleasures of leisure time. Doctors at the sickbay guarantee that the sickness was minor and that all those affected should rest, drink lots of fluids, and stay at home.

On a brighter note, an awards ceremony in the magnificent Galaxy Vue Hall signalled the conclusion of shore leave. Following that, the officers enjoyed food, fun, and dancing, knowing that a fresh assignment awaited them the following day.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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