Ops crew responds to a distress call from a passenger liner

Ops crew responds to a distress call from a passenger liner

STARBASE 118 OPS — Ops crew respond to a distress call from a passenger liner after a bomb lashed to the warp core is set to explode if it goes below warp 3.

What was supposed to be a pleasant ride to Betazed turned into a nightmare for the passengers of the USS Belladonna. Terra Prime, a known terrorist organisation that claims human superiority, planted a bomb on the vessel’s warp core – one that would go off if the ship dropped below Warp 3.

“Someone put a bomb on our engines!” Sadie Asta, Chief Engineer of the Belladonna commented, “What kind of monster would do that?! Threatening our passengers! Threatening my ENGINES!”

The crew of Starbase 118 Ops responded and rushed to aid the Belladonna and her passengers. Matching speeds, they elected to evacuate the 25,000 passengers, first to the USS Narendra, then to the USS Prophecy. Unfortunately, Terra Prime did more than plant a bomb, it sabotaged other systems as well.

“This is one of those times when we are facing difficulties, one after another,” Lieutenant JG Vitor Tito commented. “It feels like we are on a beach, being hit with wave after wave. But we will breathe and do the best we can do.”

Other crew members boarded the Belladonna, some to help with evacuations, while others focused on disabling the bomb.

“Bombs on their own are a tricky business,” commented Major Luthas, who specialises in disarmament. “But when you add things like terrorists and they might have made some ‘non-standard modifications’, you might as well not have any expectations about what you’ll be dealing with at all.”

The crew on the Narendra isolated who one terrorist was, and Lieutenant Trovek Arys contacted the suspect.

“My first impulse was to keep him talking, so he would be too occupied to remote-detonate the bomb,” Trovek explained. “But the more Adon and I spoke to each other, I realized that he wasn’t a hybrid-hating fanatic. There are a lot of things about Terra Prime’s inner workings we do not know yet, and the grasp they have on their members is something we only began to understand.”

Terra Prime member Adon Kent wound up shocking everyone when, after speaking with Trovek, he turned his back on the organisation and assisted with repairs. Risking his life, he helped deal with the malfunctioning systems, though even that doesn’t erase his past crimes.

“He killed someone,” a source stated. “The man he murdered was someone’s son. Someone’s fiance. You can’t just erase that.”

Even with his change of heart, Kent will face consequences for his actions. Sources say most likely he will be sent to a rehabilitation center. What his future holds remains to be seen.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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