Ops crew ends shore leave on a high note just before Terra Prime strikes again

Ops crew ends shore leave on a high note just before Terra Prime strikes again

STARBASE 118 OPS – Ops celebrates with commendations and awards, hours before being called to once again face off with Terra Prime.

Shore leave was peppered with adventures great and small, from the formation of a new family, to the return of friends and loved ones, and simply relaxing and enjoying the time off. One notable event included a test of the Narendra’s recent upgrades to the impulse engines. Sources say the exercise was completed successfully and showed vast improvement to the Narendra’s manoeuvrability.

“You wouldn’t think a ship this big could turn on an Aldavian sandstone,” Lt. JG Zel commented about the ship, “but trust me, this one can. She’s the ballet dancer of the starship world.”

Culminating in an awards celebrating highlighting the accomplishments of the crew on the last two missions, the festivities came to an end. Hours later, the crew was called to action. The morning brought with it a new face to the terrorist organisation. The previous leader, Malfic, was replaced with another by the name of Cmdr. Naystrim. They proceeded to demand the Federation “cede the system of Ivulos to Terra Prime’s control to be considered freeworld territory outside the Jurisdiction of the Federation and the protection of Starfleet.”

“Terra Prime managed to get a hold of a tricobalt device.” One source who wished to remain anonymous revealed. “We’re not sure how they managed to do so. However, we suspect a Tal-shiar aligned Klingon vessel procured it from a facility originally thought destroyed in the Hobus supernova.”

Even as the crew met to discuss the situation, Terra Prime wasted no time in carrying out threats. A ship was launched from Miranda VII, Terra Prime’s current base, straight for the Ivolus system. As crewmembers worked together to formulate a plan, a distress call came in from the SS Belladonna. A liner carrying almost 24,000 passengers, the Belladonna warned that a bomb had been attached to their warp drive. It would explode if their speed went below warp three.

“We are not sure who planted the bomb – we’re a passenger liner, not a Starfleet vessel!” Fransix Leski, captain of the ship commented, “That’s why I am so glad they answered the distress call. They probably deal with something like this all the time”

As crew frantically determined the best course of action, it was decided to send several ships to intercept the vessel headed toward Ivulos. At the same time the Ops crew would take the Narendra along with a support ship to oversee evacuation of crew and passengers with a delicate high warp transport.

More on this story as it develops.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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