New findings reveal Constitution crew have rapidly diminishing time to save their Commodore

New findings reveal Constitution crew have rapidly diminishing time to save their Commodore

ORINOCO BETA — Syndicate crime bosses have imminent plans to forcibly separate host and symbiont under the guise of removing Commodore Jalana Rajel’s ‘parasite’, unconcerned with the wellbeing of either.

The crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) finally got the news they were waiting for: confirmation that Rajel is still alive and well on the secret Orion Syndicate outpost ‘the Rock.’

Covert piracy teams divided up to scour the facility for information, only to discover that it is a wild area teeming with dubious rogues. Useful data is difficult to get when everybody deliberately tries to mislead everybody else. Nonetheless, the majority of the crew discovered important supplies and knowledge about the depot, its residents, and defense systems.

Others were less fortunate: the recently-returned LtCmdr. Edward Spears was kidnapped and enslaved by a prominent Orion Matron with ambitions for leadership of the facility, who used him in her schemes to depose the Lord of the station known as Boss. Fortunately, his crew was able to save him from the Matron’s powerful pheromones without her awareness.

Cmdr. Cade Foster’s discussions about organ harvesting may have proved disturbing for his colleagues.

Cmdr. Saveron’s team was able to hold court against Boss. Elder, a Kaelon pirate known to our more observant readership as the runaway rogue on the Constitution’s previous mission, entered the gathering, apparently oblivious of their actual identities. The team heard of Rajel’s location during that encounter. Elder asked Boss to accompany him to the “surgery” for undisclosed reasons, although it was assumed to be retaliatory. After all, Rajel’s crew was the ones who wrecked his former vessel and ‘forced’ him to flee.

“All I know is that we’re here to apprehend a Starfleet Commodore.” “Captain thinks her crew will try to free her, and if they do, we’ll catch them in the act,” Te, helmsman of Elder’s ship, the Theseus, stated. “So now we have to wait. Captain is down on the Rock, I’m not sure what he’s up to. Probably searching for Starfleet personnel.”

With the information obtained during the meeting with Boss, the team was summoned to review the strategy and prepare for the rescue. They have just a few minutes until the Syndicate surgeons arrive.

According to their best calculations.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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