Get inspired to write your award nominations with these great examples

Get inspired to write your award nominations with these great examples

It’s a special time of the year when the Awards season rolls back around, and 2022 is going to be a showstopper for everyone! Inspired nominations for your fellow crewmates and writers around the fleet show your appreciation for a job well done, a pat on the back for the creativity they’ve driven throughout the year, and all the hard work that goes into making our community and our games what they are!

We want to help you get the result you want with your nominations, so throw back a tall glass of creativity juice, and let’s get the ball rolling! Below are some of the best nominations we had during last year’s ceremony that stoked that fire for a win.

Ready to get started? Click here to open the award nomination panel. You’ll find full instructions, including a link to a list of all the awards and their descriptions.

Prantares Ribbon Nomination for Alieth:

“My first encounter with Alieth was not in a medical capacity. Rather, it was when the Vulcan physician discovered a poor, wandering ensign, fresh from her cadet cruise and lost on her new posting. Since then, however, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Alieth in action. From fixing something as simple as a minor concussion and a fracture, to saving the life of a Fleet Captain by using unconventional means, Alieth has been calm and cool under pressure (like a good little Vulcan should be), and yet there’s no doubt that she cares for her patients. Nor does she hesitate to put herself in harm’s way if that would be what was best for those under her care. Her professionalism is marked with a hint of humour (but don’t tell her that, she’ll deny it), her bedside manner far warmer than one might expect from one of her species, and who can resist being given candy for good behaviour after a doctor’s visit? Anyone who goes to see her knows s/he is in good hands, for, and I quote from one of her sims, “Failure was not an option”, is not ever an option for this doctor for Alieth, and I quote again, “first and foremost, a doctor”, if ever a doctor there was.“

Boothby Award Nomination for Addison MacKenzie:

“When the call goes out for a volunteer to undergo the vital work of training our newcomers into the game, one name coming up again and again on it is Matt (Addison MacKenzie). Where he gets his boundless energy from, I’m not sure, but he has the right cut of the sims to make any position he’s in fun and informative, guiding the new trainees with a steady hand and a gentle sense of humour. He has a lot of time for them, asking questions to get them to open up about a biography that needs more work, or sending really thoughtful feedback about how they could be doing better, along with information on what they could be doing to improve their chances of succeeding in the class. Matt approaches the classes with the mindset quite a few of the trainers do; it’s about instilling the basics in the cadet and proving they can take feedback and progress, not trying to get a diamond finish on a hunk of marble yet to be carved. For his dedication to the team this year, Matt utterly deserves this award!“

Christopher Pike Pendant Nomination for Mei’konda:

“Following the unexpected departure of Capt. Thoran, Capt. Mei’konda Delano agreed to step in and take over command of the Chin’toka. The crew, as one might expect, was a bit shaken, but was holding together well. There were a few nervous musings about who would be chosen to replace Capt. Thoran, and as might be expected, when Capt. Delano came aboard, anyone who had not served under him previously was wondering what kind of person to expect. Captain Delano did a remarkable job at setting the crew at ease and building a rapport with them that has resulted in the crew being at ease with him. Stepping into this kind of situation cannot have been easy, but Capt. Delano did it with grace and style and I was most impressed with his transition into the new crew.“

Q Award Nomination for Lase Ander:

“Lieutenant Ander is no stranger to plot twists. While they might not be followed with a gasp and a sharp pair of strings, his narrative left turns are nothing to scoff at. Whether he is losing his cool at an alien scientist or actively inviting his fellow writers to chime into what happens to Lase during shore leave, Neil is always keeping things fresh, interesting and fun for all hands. His willingness to adapt and play around with the standard allows him to gracefully explore other opportunities without permitting the whole mission or set of circumstances to come loose from their sensible moorings. For his deviousness and invention, Neil is most deserving of the Q Award.”

Click here to start your award nominations now! Nominations close on Thursday, June 2nd at 11:45pm Pacific time.

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