Gamma Quadrant Okaea Research Outpost silenced; Thor investigates

Gamma Quadrant Okaea Research Outpost silenced; Thor investigates

OKAEA RESEARCH OUTPOST — The Okaea Research Outpost recently missed two obligatory check-in reports and has not replied to communication attempts. A Federation presence was dispatched to investigate, as is the customary policy in similar situations.

The assignment would ordinarily be sent to the USS Nashira, which has been commanding the Starfleet presence in the Gamma Quadrant and is located inside the former sphere of Dominion influence. However, due to unexpected repairs, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) was deployed in her stead.

The Okaea Research Outpost is a one-of-a-kind scientific outpost on the surface of an O-Class ocean world. The post, which is on a ten-year mission, has barely finished six months of its investigation. The scientists attached to the station are principally responsible for exploring the planet’s uncharted ocean depths.

Communication on the globe, on the other hand, has been a constant issue. The atmosphere of the planet includes a radioactive substance that interferes with most sensors and communications attempts, as well as rendering transportation unfeasible.

“An unresponsive Federation station is nothing new for the Thor,” stated Major Wes Greaves, First Officer of the USS Thor. “On these types of runs, it might be difficult not to become complacent. It’s poor communication equipment nine times out of ten, but you never know when you’ll come upon that one out of ten scenario. Whatever it is, the Thor will be prepared.”

Communications with the Thor were lost shortly after their arrival at the time of publication. A skeleton crew from the drydocked USS Nashira has been moved to the USS Oumuamua and is en route to assess as a precaution.


Written by Wes Greaves

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