Final repairs made to the Chin’toka as creation of Shemsh Colony underway

Final repairs made to the Chin’toka as creation of Shemsh Colony underway

SHEMSH IV — The Chin’toka (NCC-97187) crew worked diligently to help the colonists in constructing the colony’s foundation and essential structures, which were nearing completion.

The colonists named some of the planned structures after the three starships that endured the Valcarian fury and safely delivered them to their new home. The Yanktonai Spaceport, the Diligent Commerce Center, and the Chin’toka Lounge and Restaurant are all nearby.

While the initial colony’s completion is still many months away at best, the colonists have already organised a party in honour of the three spaceship crews once the colony is completed.

The Chin’toka, both crew and starship, had recovered from their adventure with the Valcarians and were looking forward to their next assignment. Especially since their First Officer, Cmdr. Serala is departing the ship for a month as part of a preliminary officer exchange programme with the Romulan Republic.

“It could be useful to me, Captain. It’ll be fascinating to see where the Republic builds their new homeworld,” the half Romulan FO said. “I’ve never seen Romulus, so this would be a fantastic experience for me.”

Following Serala’s return, the goal was to have a Republic officer serve on the Chin’toka.

They were given a much-needed break and joyous celebration as they saw the bonding of LtCmdrs. Lael Rosek and Chythar Skyfire. The gorgeous ceremony, held on the Akira class ship’s holodeck, culminated with the customary rites of a historically themed religious-styled ceremony originating in the western hemisphere of 20th century Earth, including bouquet throwing, garter tossing, and dancing.

With so many guests from different ships and sites, it was a rare and vibrant event for the crew. The Security department was on high alert, however, considering their previous assignment leading up to the wedding, and with so many high-value personnel on board. The team, on the other hand, got some much-needed peace and quiet.

The new spaceport was fully underway by the time of the wedding’s completion.

Written by Toryn Raga

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