Federation News Service Briefing: Stardate 239903

Federation News Service Briefing: Stardate 239903

The Federation News Service is a spinoff of the StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG, reporting news headlines from across the United Federation of Planets to Federation citizens, along with other reader-submitted stories from other RPGs and fan works. Here are the latest stories published by the FNS.

F1 Circuit prepares for new Shuttle Racing Season Stardate 239903.27
EARTH, SOL SYSTEM — Citizens from all over the Federation arrived on Earth this weekend to celebrate the commencement of the new F1 Shuttle Racing season (2398/99), which began with the season’s first race at New Berlin, Luna.

Travelogue: The Maiden of the Stars – Emperion XVI Stardate 239903.21
EMPERION IV — There is a legend on Emperion IV, of the “Maiden of the Stars”, an unnamed soldier who vanquished their assailants from beyond the stars, and brought to them the power of spaceflight. We know this civilisation today as the Electorate of Emperion, a multi-stellar polity that borders the Federation to the galactic northwest.

Unearthed ruins jeopardise terraforming project Stardate 239902.18
STARBASE 118 — The Federation Archaeology Council has convened an emergency session to determine the fate of the Obruli III terraforming project after a survey team discovered ruins suggesting the uninhabited planet was once home to a civilization.

Taase Ripre still breaking records posthumously Stardate 239902.04
ASHALLA DISTRICT — Taase Ripre, a tetraball legend who died over a year ago, has earned another distinction. Earlier last week, a trading card featuring Taase’s face sold for a record 1.5 million bars of gold-pressed latinum at an auction in the Bajoran capital, shattering the record for the highest price ever paid for a tetraball collector’s card.

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