Federation establishes a sanctuary for space-borne organisms in Delta Quadrant

Federation establishes a sanctuary for space-borne organisms in Delta Quadrant

BAROSSA SECTOR – The United Federation of Planets continued its tradition of diplomacy and peace with non-Federation species, this time with the Hawlat in the Delta Quadrant.

When the Hawlat delegation protested to the Amity Outpost’s first treatment of space-borne manatee-like animals known as “Stellae” (Stellaesirenia amicus), the matter became difficult when the amiable, playful creatures disrupted Amity’s hosted mining activities.

The crew realised plasma vented from Federation ships and by extension also their mining facilities drew the Stellae. As part of the diplomatic mission, Starfleet officials stationed on Amity Outpost investigated the species and found that the best course of action was to herd the creatures to a preserve within the solar nebula that is home to Amity. Starfleet ships, including the outpost’s complete complement of work bee vessels, drew hundreds of Stellae to the new preserve, led by Amity’s First Officer Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix.

The Hawlat, who venerated the animals as navigational “angels” for their race, were finally satisfied by Starfleet’s efforts. The species’ Council of Luminaries publicly performed the “Ritual of Trust” on Amity’s Grand Mezzanine, and Lieutenant Commander John Carter and Lieutenant Ikaia Wong were invited to attend.

“You have shown to be honest and dependable friends and resourceful allies,” Luminary Prarim of the Hawlat delegation said. “We appreciate all you’ve done for us, as well as your patience.”

Participants in the ceremony drank a liquid known as “Angel’s Milk,” which was a processed form of the Stellae’s naturally released residue.

“I am unsure where your trips will lead you next, but please consider Amity your home for as long as you choose to remain and whenever you wish to return,” Ambassador Rivi Vataix addressed the Hawlat delegation at the event.

Ambassador Vataix promoted scientific officer Kivik from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade about the same time. Amity’s personnel are currently focusing on preparations for a scientific and cultural exposition on the Outpost, which will be staged in conjunction with a space race. They anticipate the event will draw many species from the Delta Quadrant.

Written by Wil Ukinix

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