Experimental form of propulsion set for a maiden test on USS Arrow

Experimental form of propulsion set for a maiden test on USS Arrow

EARTH, SOL SECTOR — As the crew of the USS Arrow (NCC 69829) wraps up their shore leave on Earth, the ship prepares for a new upgrade to the Proteus Engine.

The Proteus Engine is a revolutionary propulsion idea developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers that is about to go on its first trip. The Saber class vessel exits the Sol System for the Alpha Isles.

The engine is an external “ring” into which a starship may dock, allowing slipstream transit with no traditional slipstream matrix. The ring is entirely automated, with its own power supply and navigation system, so its operation does not put undue strain on the vessel. To bring the fleet up to date, they have chosen the Arrow to lead the way with the Proteus Engine because of her age and current refit state.

LtCmdr. Roxy Wilde, liaison to the SCOE, who is spearheading the project, stated, “It’s an exciting moment for Starfleet and propulsion fans around the quadrant! The Arrow is a perfect contender for this new engine, allowing it to stay up with technological advancements. While the spacecraft is too ancient for a standard slipstream matrix, the Proteus gives it fresh freedom to roam and explore the Alpha Isles.”

Meanwhile, most of the crew has been enjoying the hospitality of the Collins family in Maine, where they have been living at the home of LtCmdr. Quentin Collins III, their Chief Science Officer.

LtCmdr. Chloe Waters also organised an advanced helm qualification around the system’s asteroid belt. Lt. JG Ar’Gorvalei and Ens. Connor Dewitt completed the course in pairs, as did Capt. Randal Shayne and Lt. JG Jacin Ayemet, although LtCmdr. Maz Rodan and Chief Petty Officer Vincent Jones were disqualified for deviating from their pre-planned flight route.

Japan, Yosemite National Park, and Los Angeles were among the exotic Earth sites seen by the group.

The crew is expected to return to the ship in the coming days to activate their latest technology and have their first true slipstream voyage.

Written by Maz Rodan

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