Dormant volcano setting for the celebrating crew of the USS Chin’toka

Dormant volcano setting for the celebrating crew of the USS Chin’toka

SHEMSH COLONY — While partying at the caldera of Dragonmount on Shemsh, the crew of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) received awards and promotions.

With the festivities in full flow, the crew of the USS Chin’toka took advantage of the opportunity to unwind following their most recent mission. There were a variety of activities available at the crater of Dragonmount, a dormant volcano with a freshwater lake fed by hot springs. Swimming, diving, hiking, climbing, and even parasailing were among the activities on offer. Lt. Amuro McKnight took advantage of the chance to demonstrate his grilling talents, while others used the occasion to meet new people or strengthen existing ones.

Capt. Mei’konda summoned the crew towards the conclusion of the day to bestow some well-deserved prizes. For their activities on PTE-2891, where the crew discovered a new species and established diplomatic relations, everyone won both the First Contact Ribbon and the Explorer’s Ribbon. LtCmdr. Kasil Kesex and Dr. Elizabeth Snow both received Diplomacy Ribbons.

The Captain’s Commendation was awarded to Ens. Wyatt Ral, while Mei’konda gave the Good Conduct Ribbon to LtCmdrs. Cadfael Peters, Toryn Raga, Esa Kiax, as well as Lt. Noa Levinson. Kiax was also awarded the Purple Heart, while Snow was awarded the Legion of Merit.

Snow was subsequently promoted to LtCmdr at the end of the awards ceremony.

“Doctor, you’ve been one of the greatest medical officers I’ve ever served in Starfleet,” Mei’konda said as she accepted her medals and promotion. “You’ve repeatedly proven to be trustworthy, inventive, and even heroic when necessary.”

However, when Mei’konda dismissed the crew, Raga and his mate, LtCmdr. Ishkabella Journs, made their own statement. The delighted couple is expecting twins. Following the announcement, Raga recited some poems to his sweetheart, Journs. Congratulations were exchanged, and the crew resumed their celebrations, even as they prepared for whatever Starfleet had in store for them next.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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