Denali Station welcomes the Aavaro Wilds

Denali Station welcomes the Aavaro Wilds

DENALI STATION — The crew of Denali Station welcomes representatives from multiple governments and institutions as it continues to expand.

It’s been only three months since FltCapt. Oddas Aria received command of one of the Federation’s farthest outposts, located on Ring 42 in the Dialran system, and already the station and the city are expanding rapidly.

After Starfleet established its base of operations in what is designated as the Administrative Area, slowly but steadily the exploration of the rest of the ancient city continued. As new districts were inspected and cleared by the Department of Infrastructure under the command of Lt. Dekas, they will provide a new home for the steady influx of Starfleet officers and people from across the Federation and beyond who want to be part of the new frontier.

Recently the station has also opened the Shipping District, which will make it possible to transport people and goods more efficiently but also help to establish the station’s reputation as a hub for commerce within the Aavaro Wilds.

Though the station falls under the jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets and the exploration of Ring 42 will be Starfleet’s primary task, expedition teams of other worlds are welcomed as well. Currently, talks are being held between Starfleet and a representative of the Mithglin to open a research station. And just last week, the Vulcan Science Academy sent over a delegation led by one of their most prominent scientists with the purpose of establishing a satellite campus on the station in the near future.

With the Federation establishing a permanent base in the Aavaro Wilds, it hopes to become a stabilizing factor in the region. The Cardassian government has already reached out to the Federation Council to establish a diplomatic post on the station. With the Wilds bordering the Cardassian Union, they have an interest in the region as well, both for economic and strategic reasons.

“Ring 42 is like a huge, juicy pie,” one freighter captain visiting the station told us, “and it seems everyone is eager to have their slice of it.”

Written by Kalia Qinn

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