Crew of the USS Juneau stakes out new home at Denali Station

Crew of the USS Juneau stakes out new home at Denali Station

DENALI STATION — The crew of the USS Juneau transfer to Denali Station and begin to put down roots.

With the promotion of FltCpt. Oddas Aria and her transfer of command to Denali Station, the former crew of the USS Juneau began the process of bringing the station fully online. Transferring with Oddas were the entirety of her senior staff along with a good portion of the Juneau’s junior officers and enlisted crew. Cmdr. Cole Melchor, formerly of the USS Grace Hopper, took over command of the Juneau and will remain in the Aavaro Wilds. They will continue to assist with establishing a Federation presence in the region.

The newly assigned crew of Denali Station began the process of finishing the setup of their new home. Civilian and Starfleet crews had arrived before the Juneau and had much of the infrastructure work finished by the time the senior staff arrived. However finishing touches were accomplished under the watchful eye of their new senior staff.

While expected to expand its footprint in short order, initially Denali consisted of a trio of buildings of unknown origin. Future homes of both commercial and residential districts have already been established. Surveying is being carried out by station Security and Engineering teams.

“I’ve spent nearly my entire career in space, between ships and starbases,” Petty Officer Karen Lage said. “I still have to share a room, but it just doubled in size and I’m on the twentieth floor. The view is pretty spectacular”

Shortly after the crew arrived, an anomalous signal from the planned commercial area was received. A completely sealed and impenetrable building on the edge of the city also gained attention when it suddenly opened its main door. The captain and the station’s first officer took teams to the two sites to see if they were related, and how.

Written by Kalia Qinn

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