Crew of the USS Juneau enjoys well deserved downtime on Ring 42

Crew of the USS Juneau enjoys well deserved downtime on Ring 42

RING 42 — The crew of the USS Juneau assists the crew of the USS Grace Hopper in establishing a new research station on Ring 42 while also enjoying some well-deserved R&R.

The USS Juneau returned to the Dyson ring designated Ring 42 in the Aavaro Wilds after completing their mission on Anadasa, eradicating Borg remains from the pre-warp civilisation. The USS Grace Hopper was in the midst of establishing a more permanent research station on the ring, and the Juneau had arrived to provide personnel and experience. At the same time, several members of the crew used the Ring’s mostly pristine environment and the Juneau’s holodecks to relieve tension from the previous expedition.

The crew of the ship has been aiding with the establishment of laboratories to research the artefacts and technologies left behind by the builders. Engineers were also charged with breaching a massive door near the research site. They were able to isolate the software and escape after dealing with a simulation that attempted to place the two engineers’ consciousnesses into some type of artificial afterlife.

Other members of the crew were unwinding while continuing to set up the new research station. LtCmdr. Kalia Qinn, the ship’s Executive Officer, and a number of junior officers tented near the station in a forest biome. They took advantage of the opportunity to spend time in the woods, which is not always accessible to Starfleet crews. Others used the ship’s lounge and holodeck to socialise with their fellow crew members.

“This sort of downtime is critical to enable a crew come together and build the ties that are required when the more perilous missions emerge,” Qinn remarked in response to a question. “You have to know the individuals on both sides of you before you can truly trust them.”

As the downtime drew to a close, the crew began planning a lavish award ceremony to commemorate the crew’s achievements throughout their last mission.

Written by Kalia Qinn

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