Crew of Chin’toka take free time en route to Shemsh Colony

Crew of Chin’toka take free time en route to Shemsh Colony

PAR’THA EXPANSE — Computer mishaps abound as the crew of the USS Chin’toka dodges super bouncy rubber balls while enjoying a live broadcast concert on the holodeck.

“Out of the way! Move!” Those words, shouted by Lt. Noa Levinson, the Chief Science Officer of the USS Chin’toka, NCC-97187, warned that she was coming through. This all happened as the result of one of the latest incidents involving random computer malfunctions around the ship. In this case, a force field deactivated, releasing a ball of a super bouncy material that then bounced around the corridors of the Akira-class starship. Other computer malfunctions also occurred around the ship, all of which began shortly after the return of Operations Chief LtCmdr. Esa Kiax, who had been away on personal leave.

One highlight of the trip back to their base of operations was the live performance transmitted to the ship’s holodeck that featured the sister of Lt. Amuro McKnight, who is gaining notoriety as the performer known as M2. They transmitted the performance to many locations, and they planned for the transmission to be sent toward the Chin’toka. Interfacing with the ship’s holodeck allowed the attendees to get the sense of actually being in the auditorium during the performance and the many costume changes performed by M2 astounded many. A brief meeting followed the performance and greet, in which several of the officers of the Chin’toka could converse with McKnight’s sister.

The crew finally arrived at Shemsh after a few weeks of travel, and Capt. Mei’konda Delano arranged for a ceremony to be conducted in the colony’s Administration and Diplomatic Relations Center of the Par’tha Expanse Arboretum. During this ceremony, Delano handed out several awards to the crew and even more to specific officers.

For their actions with the Al-Leyans, they awarded the entire crew the Peacekeeper Ribbon and the Explorer’s Ribbon. Following the awarding of several other ribbons, including the Joint Meritorious Unit Award, a Captain’s Commendation, Good Conduct Ribbon, the Innovation Ribbon, a Scientific Discovery Ribbon, and a Lifesaving Ribbon, Delano promoted both Ral and Basbah Trem from Ens to Lt. JG.

Congratulations echoed all around and Delano released the crew to resume their activities while they can, always aware that they could be called again to serve in a critical situation.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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