Constitution Crew undercover to save Commodore Rajel onboard Romulan Ra’khoi

Constitution Crew undercover to save Commodore Rajel onboard Romulan Ra’khoi

STARBASE 104 — The crew of the USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) is now onboard their pre-Hobus Romulan Bird of Prey Ra’khoi, which is making its way to where the team believes Commodore Jalana Rajel is imprisoned.

To avoid being identified right away, the crew has adopted cover identities that they will maintain at all times.

Before they can release their CO, they must confirm that their weaponry and shields are operational, and they will take a minor detour to an asteroid field along the way. Under the present conditions, it’s not surprising that the team is nervous, with many new and recently returned crew members boarding the perilous expedition while others have stayed behind.

Elder, a member of the Orion Syndicate and an old nemesis of the Constitution, has recognised his chance to revenge the loss of his former ship, the Theseus, and has christened yet another ship with the same name. He is committing himself to watch over, or maybe taking part in, Rajel’s demise at the hands of the Syndicate.

Meanwhile, the Constitution’s crew is unaware of the situation, but they have noted a dearth of Senior Officers aboard the ship.

“If they felt the need to take a holiday among the seniors, that’s OK, but did they have to do it when we’re working our tails off to make repairs? It would have been wonderful to have some downtime as well,” Crewman Palor of the Engineering department stated.

As Rajel’s position worsens, it’s unclear whether the crew will arrive in time to save her. It’s also unclear how Elder fits into all of this. Everyone is wondering if the group can carry off such a mission, especially with so many unfamiliar faces.

Written by Lazarus Davis / Jalana Rajel

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