Constitution crew continues their pirate stint in secret Orion Syndicate base

Constitution crew continues their pirate stint in secret Orion Syndicate base

MARCHLANDS — The senior officers of the USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) continue their efforts to save Commodore Jalana Rajel from the clutches of the Orion Syndicate.

Upon locating and docking at a newly discovered Syndicate outpost hidden under an asteroid, the crew divided up into groups to gather information, create distractions, and maybe disrupt security systems. Staying in character as gamblers, pirates, and ruffians was difficult—acting is not a mandatory class at the Academy—but everyone has maintained cover so far.

LtCmdr. Cade Foster’s jaded-but-kind demeanour has been replaced with that of a vicious, heartless quack, which is perhaps the most startling metamorphosis. Lt. Kyo Seung-gi, a newcomer to the team, wasted no time in getting into mischief. His attempts to get access to station data streams via a port near gambling machines brought unwanted notice.

Back at Starbase 104, maintenance personnel discovered that the self-sealing stem bolts in the nacelle pylon superstructure had all grown brittle because of radiation exposure.

“While this was unexpected, we believe that exposure to the high stellar radiation from the stellar storm, along with the smooth and rapid dismantling of our nacelle, was ultimately the cause,” said Lt. Lazarus Davis, who was in charge of the repairs. “We expect to finish repairs within 48 hours.”

Our reporter questioned Davis about the schedule, given that they did not expect the Constitution to leave dock soon. Davis was hesitant to respond at first, but then stated, “The USS Constitution has a prominent role in Federation operations in the Marchlands. We can’t keep her docked for much longer than required.”

A feeling of impending catastrophe, or even finality, pervades the atmosphere. Will the crew rescue Rajel in time? Can they keep their cover, get the information, and find the missing Commodore without provoking an interplanetary incident? Time will tell.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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