Chin’toka searches for missing officers on planet PTE-2891 during reskari investigation

Chin’toka searches for missing officers on planet PTE-2891 during reskari investigation

PTE-2891 — The USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) sent two away teams to the planet’s surface to investigate the reskari sediment, which is a natural deposit on the planetoid. One of the away teams, headed by LtCmdr. Kasil Kesex, vanished from the surface.

Other officers who have mysteriously vanished include Cmdr. Etas Dabin, Chief Medical Officer Elizabeth Snow, and Lt. Amuro McKnight.

The other party, led by LtCmdr. Esa Kiax and comprised of officers LtCmdr. Toryn Raga, Lt. Noa Levinson, and Doctor Timothy Alentonis, altered their mission and proceeded in search of their missing crew mates.

A sudden and powerful plasma storm came in on the squad, forcing the search group to flee to the ship.

According to reports, the shuttle’s return was highly theatrical, with some really fascinating acrobatic manoeuvres. This included pulling the Chin’toka into the planet’s thermosphere and conducting a barrel roll, while the shuttle launched a full impulse burst into the shuttlebay in order to combat the tremendous turbulence caused by the approaching plasma storm.

They had to do their own somersault right before the impulse burst, with the shuttle reversed into the now upside-down Chin’toka. We have yet to hear details on any damage that may have occurred during the landing, but we have learned that there were no fatalities and only minor injuries.

The senior staff assumed that the missing away team members were abducted by a native species based on the discovery of a reskari currency purse on the planet’s surface.

The crew has yet to ascertain if the second party is just a guest of the locals or was abducted by force, and they want to return to the surface to look for them. Other possibilities being investigated include cloaking technologies, which might be a relic of the Romulan Empire’s reign over the region.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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