Calm waters on Daaka for the USS Constitution-B

Calm waters on Daaka for the USS Constitution-B

DAAKA, MARCHLANDS – The Xindi-Aquatics of Daaka have been kind enough to allow the senior officers of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) unprecedented access to their colony as the typically reclusive and distant species – even by Xindi standards – opened their home to the Starfleet officers.

Reports from the mission indicate levels of symbiosis between a warp-capable species and nature previously, with the colony of Daaka seemingly growing organically on the seafloor.

More specifically, the Xindi-Aquatics have quite literally grown their colony. Their structures utilize grown coral that is shaped as it grows. The buildings themselves are alive. Fish swim about and through the colony. Their farming is cultivating kelp and seaweeds, local to the area. Even their shipping lanes are natural currents. Early reports indicate that the pollution levels in the water are lower than on any Federation colony. Daaka is also home to an underwater shipyard.

The crew reports talk about a positive experience with relaxing and fun activities, productive cultural exchanges, and incredible technology. One report stated that the Xindi-Aquatics utilize bio-mimicry in the design of their autonomous units, such as construction drones for their shipyard. Another spoke of a sort of cleaning tunnel constructed of coral. Anyone entering the tunnel is greeted with a fleet of cleaner fish and other aquatic life. Another group even witnessed indigenous wildlife engaging in combat.

One commonality across all reports was an emphasis on how positive the experience was. “You have to get suspicious when people get too happy,” said Miser Abel Bassard, professor of negative psychology at Marvard University. “A little joy in work makes sense. But uniform joy suggests some kind of altered state of mind. We’ve seen this sort of thing before.”

“Let me give you an example,” Bassard continued. “The Enterprise, under Capt. Kirk, visited a planet so perverse with joy that his First Officer, Cmdr. Spock, reported feeling happy for the first time in his life. See what I mean? You can’t just have people feeling happy all the time. Life is suffering and struggle!”

When our reporter pressed Bassard on what evidence he had for either claim – the crew’s altered state or that life was suffering – Bassard was unable to cite any sources or provide any evidence. We at FNS elected to print Professor Bassard’s comments given his expertise in negative psychology, but caution our readers to carefully consider his unsubstantiated claims. No reports indicate any problematic behaviour of any kind after the crew returned to the ship.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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