Arrow returns to Alpha Isles for landmark diplomatic meeting with Chalnoth

Arrow returns to Alpha Isles for landmark diplomatic meeting with Chalnoth

PANKOT SYSTEM, ALPHA ISLES – The USS Arrow (NCC 69829) returned to its home region at the behest of the Federation Diplomatic Corps to rendezvous with a Chalnoth ship. The meeting marks a historic occasion between the two governments and was instigated – unusually – by the Chalnoth themselves.

While the Chalnoth have never been openly aggressive to the Federation, their anarchic society based around ancient feudal customs and hunting, they do have a longstanding history of contempt for any species they deem lesser than themselves.

The meeting remained shrouded in mystery, even to the Diplomatic Corps, until the Arrow met with Capt. Messoq, of the Chalnoth vessel.

“It surely was a surprise to receive a cryptic communication from the Chalnoth. For them to ask for a face-to-face meeting shows a huge change in willingness and openness for peace in the region. We hope the talks are a successful step towards future cooperation.” said the First Secretary.

Meanwhile, in the Isles, the Arrow met with the Chalnoth, who relayed an important tale to the senior staff.

Legends of the Chalnoth tell of an ancient artefact called the Claw of Chalna, whose bearer is anointed with the right to rule. Over the centuries, civil wars and infighting have fractured Chalnoth society and made it based on anarchy and strength. Capt. Messoq, who is claimed to come from an ancient noble family, believes they have recovered maps from a rival faction of where the Claw is located. He has formally asked the Federation to assist in the finding of the artefact to strengthen his claim and unite his troubled people.

The Arrow has recently seen upgrades to its infrastructure including the Proteus Drive and the forge – its own industrial replicator station allowing for extended deep space service. 1st Lt. Tallera, Marine Officer, assisted by LtCmdr. Quentin Collins, Chief Science Officer, Lt. JG Dewitt, Engineer, and Lt. JG Jacin Ayemet, Science Officer, were tasked with detaching the Proteus ring from the ship and keeping it secure in a local nebula.

Meanwhile, Cmdr. Ash MacKenna, Chief Intelligence Officer, and LtCmdr. Artinus Serinus, Chief Security Officer, collaborated on why the Chalnoth might suddenly be interested in diplomacy, and what best way to defend the ship.

Written by Maz Rodan

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