Arrow rendezvous with the USS Excalibur-A for extended leave

Arrow rendezvous with the USS Excalibur-A for extended leave

DEEP SPACE 224 – USS Arrow heads to DS224 for upgrades and repairs after a triumphant return to Alpha Quadrant.

After their abrupt journey outside of the Milky Way galaxy, the USS Arrow (NCC 69829) heads to DS224 for critical upgrades and repairs before their return to the Alpha Isles. The Proteus Engine – the ship’s latest detachable slipstream structure – was deemed a success following its limited test drive, and is being incorporated into the ship’s future missions. The latest development in engineering is what officers and crew are labelling “The Forge”, a work area consisting of industrial replicators capable of replicating large and intricate components for repair without the constant need to return to a starbase. The Forge, the brainchild of Ens. Connor Dewitt and with significant contributions from the Excaliburs Chief of Operations, Cmdr Karrod Niac, was approved by Capt. Randal Shayne while docked at base.

The rest of the crew engaged in a long and needed leave, where old colleagues such as LtCmdr. Artinus Serinus and Lt. JG Melody Delri’ise reminisced about their shared time on the USS Eagle. Cmdre. Kalianna Nicholloti visited Shayne on the Arrow and took an unscheduled trip to the Living History Annex on Deck 5, where the crew likes to display keepsakes and mementoes of past missions of significance. More inter-ship adventures occurred when First Officer LtCmdr. Maz Rodan and Chief Science Officer LtCmdr. Quentin Collins met with the Excalibur’s Chief Science Officer LtCmdr. Etan Iljor and conducted a high-risk and eventful ion storm scan for what Rodan called ‘The Storm Chasers’, an old academy science group hoping to create a suitable algorithm for predicting catastrophic ion storms as an early warning system. Meanwhile, Lt. JG Jacin Ayemet received a personal tour of the Vesta class ship by Cmdr. Genkos Adea. Caitian/Deltan CMO LtCmdr. R’Ariel enjoyed lunch with Lt. Seta Jinean.

Romance blossomed on the good ship Arrow as R’Ariel and LtCmdr. Chloe Waters cemented their affections with each other during an intimate dinner, and the ‘Will They/Won’t They’ couple Jacin and Dewitt got closer together after the events outside the galaxy.

“It’s not unusual for crewmates serving on such a small ship and in such close quarters to develop a romantic interest in each other. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Though, speaking off the record, I think there was someone else involved in a sort of triangle situation…” said Assistant Counselor Uma Anastakosis

The crews of both vessels ended their joint leave with a party on the hull of the Excalibur, where good food and drinks were served and congratulated each other on their respective missions.

Written by Maz Rodan

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