Aquatic updates for the USS Constitution

Aquatic updates for the USS Constitution

STARBASE 104 – USS Constitution-B crew prepare for the depths of an aquatic wedding.

The crew of the USS Constituion-B has been invited to an aquatic state wedding on Daaka. Preparations are under way as EV suits, personal equipment, and even shuttles are retrofitted for challenging deep sea conditions. The seas of Dakka are highly conductive due to a high density of metallic particulate in the waters. Each department has crucial tasks to fulfil to keep everyone safe and happy in these difficult conditions.

But the preparations are far from limited to the material needs of the mission. Despite the peace and subsequent treaties between the Xindi and the Federation, very little is known about them. So little is known that the crew of the Constitution must prepare a matrix for the universal translator. The ship’s linguistics and anthropological teams have to rely on careful scrutiny of the available data to ensure a good time is had by all.

“Every other interaction with the Xindi-Aquatics has been entirely on their terms,” said Ambassador Mi’Sennout, assigned to oversee relations with the Xindi. “This is the first time in history that they have requested Federation representation at one of their cultural events. While it may seem trivial to the uninitiated, this is a monumental shift in the relationship between the Xindi-Aquatics and the Federation.”

The first step of the mission is to pick up the bridegroom’s party, before heading through the Marchlands to Dakka for the ceremony. (Details of the bridegroom withheld due to established editorial standards for publishing stories about Xindi-Aquatics.) The entirety of the ceremony will occur deep under the waters of Dakka.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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