Amity’s problems continue as Starfleet officer is killed, First Officer is quarantined, and Romulan captain is captured

Amity’s problems continue as Starfleet officer is killed, First Officer is quarantined, and Romulan captain is captured

BAROSSA SECTOR – Strange incidents have befallen the officers of the Amity Outpost: an ensign mysteriously disappeared during a routine reconnaissance assignment, Betazed’s newest planned colony was home to an intelligent psionic microbe, and contaminated lettuce resulted in an arrest.

After a routine survey of the star nearby the Nurioopta system, which is home to Amity Outpost, the crew proclaimed the unidentified ensign lost and assumed killed. LtCmdr. Wil Ukinix, Lt. JG Scotty Reade, and Lt. JG Rebecca Iko began putting the recently delivered Talon class scout “Miombo” through its paces when they spotted a foreign probe orbiting a massive ice planetoid in the system’s Kuiper belt. When attempting to beam the ensign back on board, the scout’s transporters failed due to an unanticipated subspace wave and thoron radiation from the probe.

“There was someone just starting their career in Starfleet and suddenly it was gone,” stated recently promoted Lt. JG Rebecca Iko during the officer’s burial service. “It could happen to anyone.”

Losing an officer was not Amity’s First Officer Ukinix’s only ordeal. When Ukinix and the Betazoid tenth house noble Daughter Ascendant Tri’lea Polgonz returned from the new colony world, Idustrix (named after Polgonz’s late mother), the medical personnel confined them aboard another Talon scout, the Daintree.

Ukinix, Polgonz, Lt. Ikaia Wong, and Lt. JG Kivik discovered sentient microbes inhabited the world after investigating anomalous radiation levels on the planet. The creatures could remember and telepathically communicate with reading species like Betazoids. The germs sickened Polgonz and Ukinix, a Betazoid hybrid. They were both quarantined upon their return to Amity in order to avoid infecting other Betazoids, including Ambassador Rivi Vataix.

Chief Medical Officer Wong has also experienced a tragedy. The investigation into the origins of multiple inexplicable cases of severe food poisoning led to a Romulan freighter, Captain Siruma, with aid from Briori investigative writer Arthur Summerside. She was not only guilty of the torpedo that wrecked the Talaxian racing team’s vessel during last month’s Antarian class rally, but she had also sent infected vegetables to Amity Outpost.

Siruma is detained and awaits charges from Starfleet security.

“Siruma was reckless,” Summerside observed. “She brought us problems, and we gave her trouble back.”

The reporter declined to clarify more, but stated that he intended to publish extensive stories in the inaugural edition of his new independent news service, “The Summerside Report.”

Despite these difficulties, Amity activities resumed as usual.

Engineers Reade and newly appointed Ens. Nathan Richards refurbished the Daintree and Yosemite scout boats.

The USS Independence-B, a Defiant class escort vessel, is presently assisting the USS Kitty Hawk on a scientific investigation expedition to one of the distant reaches of the wider Barossa Nebula.

Commodore Roshanara Rahman, former Commanding Officer of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035), is now in command of the Galaxy Class Kitty Hawk.

Written by Wil Ukinix

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