A perilous joy overcomes the Xindi-Aquatic wedding ceremony

A perilous joy overcomes the Xindi-Aquatic wedding ceremony

DAAKA COLONY, DAAKA – With the important wedding ceremony mere hours away, Xindi-Aquatics and Starfleet officers alike start to behave strangely.

What began as a joyous event deep under the sea of Daaka suddenly took a turn for the ominous. Many of the Xindi-Aquatic guests of the biggest wedding of this generation of Daaka Xindi have fallen asleep, while the Starfleet officers of the USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) became overjoyed to the point of near incoherence. With the wedding ceremony only a few hours away, this presented a multitude of problems and a crew ill-equipped to deal with it.

As members of the crew and wedding party realized something was amiss, there was little they could do in their altered states. Some members of the crew hypothesized a possible attack of some sort, while others didn’t notice anything was amiss. One member of the crew reportedly nearly asphyxiated due to carbon dioxide poisoning caused by a clogged vent on her suit.

Fortunately for the crew; the two autonomous sentient holoprograms of the Constitution, Mark Two (EMH) and Georgio (EHS), joined the festivities and were unfazed by the mysterious ailment or ailments. With programming unclouded by whatever was causing this situation, they provided a much-needed “reality check”, and took gallant action to identify the source of the problem: stress pheromones present in the water.

For the Xindi-Aquatics, this made them lethargic. For the crew, the pheromones bypassed the bio-filters of their suits and became gaseous by the suit’s atmosphere generation systems. The suits utilized electrolysis to break down water molecules into oxygen, a kind of electronic gill.

“Ah jeeze,” remarked Dr. Electra Icthy, the inventor of the electronic gill concept. “It’s supposed to provide unlimited oxygen underwater, as long as the suit has power. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Icthy requested additional data on the implementation of the electronic gills in the crew’s underwater suits.

“The problem is that they didn’t know to filter for this previously unknown pheromone. So really, that’s on the Engineering teams of the Constitution. The electronic gill is blameless.”

As of writing, the EMH program hypothesized the effects of the pheromones were temporary. FNS continues to monitor this developing situation closely.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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