Wedding preparations begin aboard Chin’toka as Colony Fleet arrives at Shemsh IV

Wedding preparations begin aboard Chin’toka as Colony Fleet arrives at Shemsh IV

SHEMSH IV — After successful repairs and another brief skirmish with enemy forces, the Par’tha Expanse Colonization Fleet arrives at its destination.

For over a month, Valcarian soldiers have harassed the flotilla. This came to a halt, however, when Commander Serala’s away team was embroiled in ground combat with Valcarian forces while attempting to recover pergium for a damaged ship.

When the fleet’s repairs were completed, they exited the cover of the gas giant to meet up with the USS Diligent, NX-87651. The Diligent, commanded by Cmdr. Evan Delano, drew away from the enemy fleet to serve as a distraction while the other ships completed their repairs. The second leg of the expedition was uneventful, thanks to the arrival of additional Caraadian ships, sent in response to the Colony Fleet’s distress call, and served as a final escort.

Meanwhile, wedding preparations for LtCmdrs Lael Rosek and Chythar Skyfire are underway on the USS Chin’toka. Guests have travelled long distances to attend the auspicious event, including several officers from StarBase 118 Ops, Amity Outpost, the USS Gorkon, USS Excalibur-A, and the newly launched USS Kitty Hawk.

Introducing a Captain Twibble plush toy was one highlight. This seemed to have piqued the interest of several of the visitors, as well as a Chin’toka crewmember. The moniker was allegedly given to Capt. Mei’konda Delano of Chin’toka when the daughter of the ship’s First Officer, Cmdr Serala, confused Mei’konda for a tribble. LtCmdr Toryn Raga, a highly perceptive Second Officer, overheard this.

“This… this is wonderful! I love him! I must have him!” LtCmdr Alora DeVeau of StarBase 118 Ops could be heard saying.

“Oh, my stars it’s so cute and it’s got a Starfleet uniform and Captain’s pips and cute little ears that bend and oh it’s so fluffy I could almost cry and it’s so soft this just has to be the cutest thing ever I have to have this I have so many plushies already and this is just going to be like the centrepiece of them all when did you get this?” Nurse Avae commented.

Captain Twibble can be purchased from all major Brew Continuum franchises.

Written by Serala

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