USS Thor Enjoys Extended “Thorleave” Among New Friends On New Bajor

USS Thor Enjoys Extended “Thorleave” Among New Friends On New Bajor


NEW BAJOR, GAMMA QUADRANT — With the ecological situation on the planet finally under control, the crew of the USS Thor got a second chance to enjoy New Bajor’s hospitality while the ship remained in orbit.
For some crew, it was an opportunity to reflect on recent events and the journey that brought the Thor all the way from Duronis II to the Gamma Quadrant.
“Times have been extremely difficult recently for the Thor and her crew, who have struggled hard to find the light in the darkness of the hostile galaxy,” stated Lt. Cmdr Alex Brodie, ship’s counsellor. “Here, however, on New Bajor, we can take a moment to be grateful for all we have and those who stood shoulder to shoulder with us to help bear our burdens. We’ve all looked back and now we’re taking a moment to look ahead to brighter times.”
While searching for peace and tranquillity as part of the New Bajoran Gratitude Festival, several members of the crew came upon Prylar Urdo Nepra, a Starfleet officer herself on extended leave. After a conversation with Flt. Capt. Aron Kells, Prylar Urdo has ended their leave of absence and return to Starfleet aboard the Thor.
Also joining Thor’s crew is Ens. Jehe Saja, recent graduate of Starfleet Academy and Thor’s new intelligence officer. Rumours that Ensign Jehe has been inducted into a secret society aboard the Thor could not be confirmed before press time.
“It’s funny, I’ve heard rumours about strange meetings aboard the Thor, but you know how rumours are.” Recently promoted Marine Captain Wes Greaves, Marine Detachment Commander aboard the Thor and rumoured ringleader of ‘JOPA,’ explained. “Probably just some bored crewman making things up to pass the time. What kind of word is JOPA, anyway? I’m sure it’s all just nonsense.”
The Thor is currently preparing to leave orbit after detecting a faint signal at the very edge of its sensor range. With the possibility of a ship in distress, Kells has ordered the Thor to prepare for deep space rescue and recovery operations.
More on this story as it develops.
Written by Geoffrey Teller

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