USS Resolution rescues crew of downed science vessel

USS Resolution rescues crew of downed science vessel

BRIAR PATCH — The USS Resolution (NCC-78145) engaged in a search and rescue operation to locate the crew of the USS Hanno, an Oberth-class vessel feared lost in the Briar Patch.

The Resolution discovered that the Hanno had crashed on a planet in the Briar Patch along with two Romulan vessels. When they moved closer to the planet to investigate, an unknown energy source forced the Resolution down to the surface as well.

“It was an incredibly dangerous situation,” Commander Addison MacKenzie said. “We had massive power outages and unresponsive systems. Without the quick thinking of our helmsman, Yogan Yalu, we would have likely suffered the same fate as the Hanno.”

Lt. Yalu landed safely the Resolution on the planet with no loss of life.

While engineering crews worked to repair the ship, an away team searched for survivors from the Hanno. About half their crew survived their crash landing, as did several Romulans from the two downed warbirds.

The away team also established contact with the Skarn–telepathic beings whose primary form is as a small ball of light, but who manipulate the planet’s rocks to appear in more familiar, corporeal forms. The Skarn leader revealed they disabled the ships.

With the help of several sympathetic Skarn, the crew of the Resolution overthrew the Skarn leader, which simultaneously restored power to the ship. Engineering crews made temporary repairs to the ship’s engines, thanks to the added efforts of the Hanno and Romulan survivors, and the Resolution returned to Deep Space 224 without further incident.

As the Resolution underwent repairs at Deep Space 224, members of their senior staff joined the crew of the USS Gemini in relocating the Romulan survivors to a settlement on Oreen V. While there, they also assisted the colonists in performing upgrades to their infrastructure and medical facilities.


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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