USS Arrow confronts cult of the Brotherhood, as tensions with Sheliak reach breaking point

USS Arrow confronts cult of the Brotherhood, as tensions with Sheliak reach breaking point

THETA 122 — In the aftermath of a powerful attack by the Sheliak upon Theta 122, the crew of the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) contended with a multitude of threats to themselves and the civilians on the planetoid below.
With two Sheliak shuttles on board, manned by Sheliak representatives with differing agendas, the situation rapidly spiralled. On one side, a scientist by the name of Ergaholz requested asylum, while the other, the commander of the Ascended Codex named Grettze, insisted otherwise. Captain Shayne granted the request and ordered Captain Grettze of the Sheliak off of his vessel.
Meanwhile, discoveries showed the Brotherhood a cult within the depths of Theta 122, worshipping an Iconian gate, which was failing and using their life force to sustain itself. The landing party under the command of Commander Collins, though captured by the cult itself, revealed the symbiotic nature of their relationship, and attempted to destroy it before the gate became fully active.
“The Sheliak shuttle set a course directly towards the planet near the gate,” explained Crewman Jared Ren. “Its intentions unknown, we followed in close pursuit, engaging in a set of risky inter-atmospheric manoeuvres. It was crazy!”
After destroying a part of the Iconian structure, the Brotherhood dissolved and in an act of selflessness, their leader destroyed the gate at the cost of his own life. While this happened, the Sheliak shuttle landed and transported survivors off the planet. Distracted by this turn of events, the Arrow assisted the away team in rendering the Iconian gateway inoperative.
During this time, the Sheliak Corporate and the Federation reached a tentative arrangement, concluding hostilities, though, with his primary mission completed, the scientist Ergaholz made an escape attempt. Fortunately, security forces captured him and the man is now undergoing questioning.
Written by Charlotte DeBarres

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