Uncharted mapping expedition reveals long lost Gorn Ark

Uncharted mapping expedition reveals long lost Gorn Ark

ALPHA ISLES — Responding to an unusual and anomalous reading, the crew of the USS Arrow (NCC 69829) discovered a derelict vessel and Ferengi profiteers within.

Ordered further into the Alpha Isles, the Arrow performed a seemingly straightforward mapping expedition of an unexplored sector. Their attention soon piqued when an anomalous reading led them to discover an ancient pyramidal ship cloaked in scan-refracting ions.

According to reports by the senior staff, the ship – affectionately known as “The Space Hulk” – is Gorn in origin, and had been derelict for many hundreds of years.

The Arrow scanned the ship further and discovered a Marauder class Ferengi vessel looting the Hulk, claiming the vessel as their own under Interstellar Law. Captain Randal Shayne ordered an away team to the Gorn ship in an attempt to ascertain whether it was truly derelict, or to if the original crew of the Hulk needed aid.

Tensions rose between Starfleet and Ferengi DaiMon Slek, who insisted Starfleet was simply interfering in the Ferengi’s right to salvage.

“The ship itself is fascinating,” remarked Chief Petty Officer Velina Frell, the ship’s Stellar Cartographer. “It’s over a thousand years old, made in part by metallic and organic components, and has been adrift in this area for over a decade. Who knows why the Gorn used an ark of this kind? Where was it going? And why? We’re excited to find out!”

Meanwhile, on the ark itself, Lieutenant Commander Maz Rodan and an away team encountered hostility from a single Gorn survivor of the crew, who ate one Ferengi boarding party and attacked the second. At the time of this report, communication with the Hulk has been severed, and the away team, now trapped in a cat-and-mouse game of survival with the hostile Gorn.


Written by Maz Rodan

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