To boldly go; USS Chin’toka becomes first Starfleet vessel to visit the Uncharted Regions

To boldly go; USS Chin’toka becomes first Starfleet vessel to visit the Uncharted Regions

UNCHARTED REGIONS — Leaving the Par’tha Expanse temporarily behind, the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) ventures into the Uncharted Region to begin their survey, and detect what could be a warp test flight from within.
After extensive preparations from all departments onboard the refit Akira-class, the Chin’toka heads towards the Eladar system, located close to the borders of the Caraadian noble House Barahn and House Beruna. Their course took the ship and crew, the first in all of Starfleet, into a region of space that could lead to renaming the area, as they started their exploration with long-range sensor sweeps.
One of these sweeps detected a vessel travelling briefly and only at warp one.
While the Chin’toka’s normal commander, Capt. Mei’konda Delano is off the ship performing other duties, LtCmdr. Serala, who is Acting Captain in Delano’s absence, uttered thoughts many of the bridge crew had upon the discovery.
“Speculate. Could we be looking at a test flight of a warp vessel?”
With the half-Romulan/half-Human’s sentiment confirmed, upon entering the Eladar system, the Chin’toka picked up planetary communications between the small manned craft and their command centre on the planet. Cursory study via sensors and monitoring said communications determined the planet is home to three disparate, sentient species of varying developments.
The surface-dwelling species, known as the Feladoni, seem to share a loosely similar technological development as the Mekra’fari, a subterranean species if the initial reports are accurate. Rumours report the third species on the planet being a far less developed sub-aquatic species. Further investigation still needs to establish a relationship between the three different populations.
Serala, as of this report, prepared to depart the Chin’toka via shuttle to start First Contact with the inhabitants of the fourth planet of the system. A second shuttle remains on standby to act as an intermediary between the ship and away team, while the Chin’toka stays at a safe distance from the planet in order to avoid discovery by planetary satellites and telescopes. The shuttle John Lewis also carried several members of the ship’s science team ready to beam down to the surface when invited as part of the First Contact.
With the proximity to the Par’tha Expanse, in particular House Barahni space, acting First Officer, LtCmdr. Toryn Raga kept the crew busy surveying the system and maintaining an eye out for rumoured pirate activity, and anyone else who may have detected the warp test flight.
“Mister Logan. While they’re doing that, keep an eye out.” Raga reported the Chin’toka’s embedded reporter recording from the Bridge. “If anyone else shows up, pirate or otherwise, I want to know before they reach this system.”
Going where none had gone before and finding a new civilization, the Chin’toka crew experienced the true calling of every Starfleet officer.
Written by Toryn Raga

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