Talks begin on Oscion as USS Chin’toka races to save Rettaani freighter

Talks begin on Oscion as USS Chin’toka races to save Rettaani freighter

PAR’THA EXPANSE — After arriving at Oscion, the USS Chin’toka dispatched a team to assist a freighter in distress even as envoys began talks with the representatives of the Caraadian Houses.

Upon arrival in the Oscion system, the crew of the USS Chin’toka discovered that a large super freighter — identified as the RTT Titan and belonging to House Rettaan — was in distress. Reported sources indicate overcrowded spaceport facilities, due to the pending talks on Lastelle Island, prevented timely assistance to the floundering freighter.

Shortly thereafter, a team from the USS Chin’toka was dispatched to assist the super freighter. A large fire onboard caused several issues and risked many lives. Efforts are underway to contain the situation, and unconfirmed reports suggest this might be the work of a possible saboteur — news that is most concerning in light of the Council Session about to begin.

Not to be deterred by this situation, however, Capt. Mei’konda Delano led his diplomatic team down to Lastelle Island where High Lady Jurnir of House Lanaxa greeted them, who is to act as the host to the Federation representatives during the talks. Among the Great Houses represented are House Tadere, House Rettaan represented by High Lord Vannel, and House Larokon represented by Lady Sheyl Drentana, a war hero from the recent Caraadian-Valcarian war.

Following a welcome dinner, wherein the houses treated the crew of the Chin’toka to various dishes, the representatives retired to the Council Chambers where the talks began in earnest.

Reports from the inside are barred from the actual proceedings; however, leaked information confirms the Federation seeks to obtain a suitable location from which to begin the construction of a colony. Unsure what the Federation is willing to offer in exchange, certain technologies such as transporters, replicators and weapons will not be on the negotiating table due to Starfleet regulations.

“The Federation has had a presence in the Expanse for some time now, and we would not be opposed to them building a colony,” explained Marchionessa Samra, the representative of House Tadere. “However, we need to be sure that their presence is going to benefit the Houses as well, especially in light of their repeated interactions with the Valcarian Imperial Republic.”

When pressed on how she could make such a statement in light of her House’s open affiliation with the Valcarian Empire, the High Ambassador refused further comment.

Further coverage of the talks, and news of the super freighter, to follow.


Written by Serala

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