Starfleet and Klingon Empire emerge victorious from last battle with Cult of Molor

Starfleet and Klingon Empire emerge victorious from last battle with Cult of Molor

STARBASE 118 OPS — After years of fighting in the shadows, the Cult of Molor made a decisive strike against both the Klingon Empire and Starfleet, only to lose in the final hour.

Our sources reveal that during the trial on Qo’nos, a secret undercover team transported to the planet to lead a definitive strike against the Cult and release several hostages in their clutches. According to the reports, Marine Captain Anthony Meeks suffered injuries immediately after and returned to a Klingon ship appropriated for the mission. Two others replaced him, a counselor, and a science officer. Lieutenant JG Ashley Yael took charge of the away team in Meeks’ place.

“I felt dedicated to completing the mission,” Yael commented and continued. “But only moderately prepared for what might happen, so it resulted in some ongoing-but-functional terror.”

Other sources reported someone placed bombs filled with Death Fog in a strategic location in the High Council building.

“My role was transport, communications and intervention.” When asked about her part in diffusing these bombs, Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell merely commented. “We were simply working for the good of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the safety of all.”

The list of injuries did not stop with Meeks.

Other Starfleet officers tended to wounds inflicted because of the clash with the Cult. More sources reported a firefight and brawl broke out in the back offices of the High Council chambers. A group of cultists cornered not only the defendants and both attorneys but the Klingon judge as well. The prosecuting attorney ended up gravely injured, but in the end, the Cultists lost.

“We move forward with the wisdom of Kahless at our back,” Imperial magistrate Li’otha commented. “No more will this mockery of honor calling themselves the Cult of Molor sully our Empire or Antagonize our neighbors.”

“This cult has been growing in the shadows, like a mewling targling before its tusks grow in,” Chancellor Daeshon replied when approached about why the Klingon Empire took so long to recognise the Cult as a threat. “Bolstered by one of our greatest enemies – the Orion Syndicate – its power increased exponentially in short order. But they were too arrogant to attack the heart of the Empire and have now been put down like the curs they are.”

With the Cult of Molor finally defeated, the crew of the Narendra returned to Starbase 118 Ops, but launched again only a few scant hours later. Further questions remained unanswered, but the officers involved in the mission deserve a well-earned shore leave.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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