Sparks fly during the USS Juneau shore leave

Sparks fly during the USS Juneau shore leave

AAVARO WILDS — After a successful First Contact mission, the USS Juneau (NX-99801) took R&R at Lightside Station. What was to be a relaxing shore leave turned out to be a wild adventure for some.

Thrill-seeker and speedster, Captain Oddas Aria sought to fine-tune the Allahayer racer but ended up in a dangerous encounter with pirates that were hiding in an asteroid. After losing control of the racer, officers from the Juneau came to the rescue saving the ship and crew.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant JG John Kendrick used his security skills to hunt down significant missing cargo from The Wanderer, a transport ship owned by his family. Clever investigative talents lead him and The Wanderer crew to a volcano city on Orsung, Orstand III’s fifth moon. There, they discovered residents of a species known as Balerians, who were trying to make a livelihood in the tough climate. They recovered the valuable cargo after striking a bargain and exchanging personal property, Kendrick’s antique watch.

Mystery solved, Kendrick received a troubling message from Lieutenant Commander T’Lea.

T’Lea had reached the peak of Pon Farr and had finally brought her plot to weaponize the ‘Blood Fever’ against her enemy, a rogue Cardassian Intel Agent named Dal Selta, to completion. T’Lea agreed to meet the Dal in an old Iconian outpost on Phorth, where she discovered that the Dal was not acting alone in her efforts to restore an Iconian Gateway, and that T’Lea’s own mother, ex-Tal Shiar Raivus, was working with her.

A coordinated rescue effort including staff from both ships was successful in relocating the defective pod holding this individual to the Grace Hopper and assisting with its propagation process. We are happy to announce that the Caretaker is still alive and well, and that it is no longer the lone survivor of its kind. More of the city’s natural citizens are likely to return as the mitotic cycle continues. They will round out the unique symbiotic interaction with this amazing technological-organic biome.

Their mission was to remake history and restore the Cardassian and Romulan Empires to their former splendour while also saving Romulus from the supernova. T’Lea was unable to capture Dal Selta during the height of Pon Farr because of a mental breakdown caused by her mother’s treachery. However, the Wanderer and Kendrick arrived just in time to apprehend Raivus and save T’Lea.

Back at Lightside station, some crew members took advantage of the chance to indulge in a variety of leisure activities. Lieutenant Commander Karise Indobri, the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, took in the sights and sounds of the Soliton Wave, a popular dance club when she bumped with an old flame, Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss. The two had a long evening of dancing and discussion that concluded with them rekindling their relationship.


Written by T’Lea, Kendrick, Indobri

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