Promotions and unexpected guests for the USS Arrow upon arrival at Risa

Promotions and unexpected guests for the USS Arrow upon arrival at Risa

RISA – Following the harrowing but successful second contact mission on the planet Venthis, command of the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) decided that the crew deserved a trip to the pleasure planet of Risa.

Though the idea was palatable to most, Captain Randal Shayne did not have such diversions in mind.

While meeting a new officer aboard, Lieutenant JG Maz Rodan, Shayne stated, “Mr. Rodan, I am a starship commander. We do not… Risa.”

Near the end of the shore leave a surprise guest appeared aboard the Arrow with Shayne’s old mentor and commander, Captain Oddas Aria of the starship USS Juneau (NX-99801).

Oddas elevated Commander Shayne to the rank of Captain, concluding a ceremony that saw multiple members of the senior staff increase in rank, responsibility, and position.

Reorganisation followed a superbly stressful mission, the details of which remain somewhat uncertain. Someone ordered several security blocks in place to intercept and deflect most lines of inquiry into the matter. And even the crew has, mostly, maintained a rigorous silence with reporters under orders from the commanding officer, Randal Shayne.

What we know is, despite initial reports, the planet Venthis, a sovereign Minshara class world amid restructuring after a long-wrought conflict, will remain separate from the Federation despite initial interest.

The crew certainly did Risa.

Part enjoyed the wide variety of activities available to Risa’s visitors, everything from lounging upon one of literally thousands of exotic, warm beaches to exploring the more… lively side of the pleasure planet. There were watersports and boat races for the crew, and some even took part in an obstacle course.

“It was a sight to behold,” exclaimed Petty Officer Novacasa, although it was not very clear what or who the officer referred to.

More information on the Arrow’s next mission to follow.


Written by Charlotte DeBarres

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