Ops crew faces off against Terra Prime at Miranda VII

Ops crew faces off against Terra Prime at Miranda VII

STARBASE 118 OPS — Terra Prime, a terrorist organisation that touts xenophobic ideology has taken control of the Miranda VII outpost.

Before the USS Rahuba and the newly designated Asta were deployed to deal with the terrorist threat, the officers of StarBase 118 were informed about the organization’s takeover.

“Of course, diplomacy is our first priority.If we can come to a peaceful settlement, that would be the most desirable outcome,” said LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau, First Officer of Ops.

However, when dealing with a group like this one, a perfect outcome is not guaranteed.

“Terra Prime has a lengthy history of terrorist activity,” remarked James Ratigan, Professor of Federation History at Starfleet Academy. “Their xenophobic mindset is a permanent stain on human history.”

Others question the organization’s credibility and effectiveness.

“Yes, I am well aware of Terra Prime.” Professor Charles Wilberforce Prenton, PhD, of the University of Raskor, responded. “I believe them to be a poor facsimile of other similar groups from both recent and current history, which is good. Consider the Northern Continent group from Janatar Prime thirty years ago. Their views and goals are disjointed and hazy, with the scent of barely competent amateurs.”

When dealing with hostile forces, Starfleet employs more than just diplomacy. According to sources, one party managed to slip onboard the station and use sabotage to destabilise Terra Prime. According to the same sources, a third party managed to get clandestine access to Miranda VII in the aim of learning more about Terra Prime and any plans it may have.

After launch, the Rahuba’s crew was approached by Trampis Osben, a high-ranking Terra Prime official who requested quick surrender. Diplomacy collapsing, the crew was forced to make evasive manoeuvres as Osben opened fire on the Cheyenne-class cruiser. According to sources, DeVeau, together with Lt.JG Ashley Yael and Lt.JG Sheila Bailey, launched a shuttle during the confrontation. Their purpose is to experiment with a new style of diplomacy with the citizens of Miranda VII.

According to one unnamed inhabitant, there was a sudden implosion in one of the hangar bays, destroying it and all boats therein. According to some stories, newcomers caused a few fights and somehow gained access to the Terra Prime database.

While Starfleet engaged with Terra Prime’s presence on Miranda VII, a secondary chemical attack was launched on the Utopia settlement. There is no other information at this time, and more will be released when it becomes available.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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