Migratory spaceborne species cause havoc at Amity Outpost

Migratory spaceborne species cause havoc at Amity Outpost

BAROSSA SECTOR – The Federation Diplomatic Corp encountered an early hurdle at the Federation’s newest outpost in the Delta Quadrant when a herd of space-borne living forms settled in the vicinity.

The Hawlat, a displaced, nomadic species, and Ambassador Rivi Vataix and her diplomatic team arranged the evacuation of beings known as “Stellae.” The beings, known scientifically as Stellaesirenia amicus, reside in the vastness of space and resemble manatees on Earth.

The Hawlat were well aware that the amusing creatures were consuming the gases of the solar nebula in which Amity Outpost is located. The Hawlat regarded them as sacrosanct and revered them as “Angels.” They also thought the entities were migratory guides sent by their Great Spirit.

Mining activities, as well as Federation and Starfleet spacecraft, were disrupted by the aliens. Especially when over a thousand Stellae began to buffet Amity Outpost in a fun manner. Ships could no longer depart or dock at Amity, giving Vataix and her crew some anxiety.

Amity’s Grand Mezzanine was evacuated for safety reasons. An operation that began with the attachment of a Starfleet prototype gadget that produced chemicals to draw the animals away from Amity to Work Bee vessels. The intention was that the animals would be guided to many safe havens within the solar nebula, where they would dwell.

Reports of one of the Stellae becoming caught in mining machinery on Asteroid 6585 Poseidon, a benamite mining facility, complicated matters. Lieutenant Ikaia Wong led a crew of Starfleet officers on a rescue mission to release the creature.

“The safety of the Stellae is equally as vital as everyone on Amity Outpost and the solar nebula,” Federation Diplomatic Corp spokeswoman First Secretary Keehani Ukinix stated.

“On behalf of the Hawlat people, I wish to reassure everyone onboard Amity Outpost that the Angels mean no harm,” Luminary Prarim, the head of the Hawlat delegation, said when reached. “I urge the Federation to be receptive to the heavenly revelation that the Angels are certainly attempting to impart with us.”

Written by Wil Ukinix

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