Legendary repair station of ill repute hosts Starfleet for the first time in several years

Legendary repair station of ill repute hosts Starfleet for the first time in several years

RAFT-ONE, ALPHA ISLES — After a tense encounter with the Ferengi vessel Fortuna, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) arrived at Forward Refit Station-1 (aka Raft-ONE) for repairs.

Raft-ONE swiftly lived up to its ‘ne’er-do-well’ name, despite being far from usual commerce lines and spiralling into a worrisome cycle of lawlessness and bad renown.

The station hosted the Starfleet personnel while the Saber-class underwent repairs. Captain Randal Shayne and his senior staff, including First Officer Lieutenant Commander Maz Rodan, Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins, Chief Intelligence Officer Commander Ash MacKenna, and newly transferred Science Officer Ensign Jacin Ayemet, organised an informal dinner for Administrator Myssa T’Vaz.

Meanwhile, returning from a diplomatic detachment to Genti II, homecoming officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Maria Alvarez almost crashed a rented and battered shuttle into the shuttlebay.

Lieutenant Chloe Waters and Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant R’Ariel had an intimate meeting at “Smiley’s,” a popular neighbourhood pub run by the charming Caitian Xena S’milus.

The crew also took advantage of the old Earth’s “Spooky Season” by replicating a haunted mansion scenario on one of the station’s many holodecks. MacKenna, Collins, Engineering Officer Lieutenant JG Grace Hope-Sheppard, Medical Officer Ensign Cassandra Mason, and Ayemet were among those enjoying seasonal fright.

The return of roaming former Starfleet Security Officer Lieutenant JG Regan Wilde — who had taken an extended leave of absence from the Arrow months before — caused a stir among certain local Orion and Nausicaan gangs. Wilde confessed he required aid to obtain the liberation of one of his companions, who remained imprisoned aboard the Nausicaan ship, after his daring escape and subsequent rescue by the crew of the Arrow.

To Shayne’s displeasure, a small group of officers offered to help the former Starfleet poster boy.

Written by Maz Rodan

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