Increase of pirate activity in the Marchlands raises concerns for missing Commodore

Increase of pirate activity in the Marchlands raises concerns for missing Commodore

STARBASE 104 — Commodore Jalana Rajel, commanding officer of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) has been kidnapped from Starbase 104. Investigations lead to the recent increase of Orion Syndicate pirate activity in the nearby regions.

When one abductor docked under fake identities, Station security positively identified him as a Syndicate member. That they could operate so openly on a major Starfleet station also caused serious concerns.

“We are examining the security measures around our docking procedures,” Captain Inejiro, Commanding Officer of Starbase 104, remarked. “However, the Federation’s openness to its neighbours may be a continuing source of vulnerability.”

The Syndicate, which was formerly inextricably linked to the Orion civilization, broke away from the Orion mainstream and extended their membership to other species, making them more difficult to predict. It also appears to have resulted in a shift in culture inside at least some of its branches, although the organization’s vague structure has always made it difficult to trace and predict.

“Surely they can’t expect us to scan every single individual who walks into the station,” Petty Officer Grumacle says. “Not only would we run out of tricorders, but also the staff. I’m already having trouble sleeping because of this kidnapping. We’d have to scan not only the green folks, but everyone else, given that the Syndicate is employing everyone.”

The FNS recognises Starfleet is dealing with the recent abduction, but the issue remains how the Federation will deal with the Syndicate’s rising aggression.

Written by Shrin’Tahla zh’Aim

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