Gorkon brings missing cadets home from Darime IV

Gorkon brings missing cadets home from Darime IV

STARFLEET HQ, EARTH — The USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) has returned to Earth to prepare for the installation of Warp XV drive and ferry home the cadets found below Darime IV.

Their search and rescue expedition on Darime IV found the missing cadets, but they could only beam two of them out to the Gorkon. Cadets Solomon Gilbert and J’ryn “Jack” Ressan were killed while attempting to flee the colony’s underground city under the surface. Cadets Ico Ena and Ryan Issacs were spared.

Starfleet Academy has notified the families of both lost cadets as serving members of Starfleet, and their careers will be celebrated with the pomp and grandeur befitting a Starfleet officer, as well as a memorial service for the fallen cadets. Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds has sought the honour of delivering the memorial herself.

Reynolds has returned the Sovereign-class flagship to Earth for repairs and the installation of the new Warp XV Drive. Although the ship already possesses a Quantum Slipstream Drive, this raises the question of what the Commanding Officer has in store for the future.

“Our Skipper undoubtedly had the crew in mind when she made the arrangements to stop over for the long haul on Earth,” remarked Petty Officer Robert Peek, Engineering Yeoman, between mouthfuls of Philadelphia cheesesteak. “Getting the new Warp XV drive is an engineer’s dream come true. Working with so much technology? Please hold my sandwich.”

Due to the residual effects of the Darime IV mission on the crew, Reynolds has granted shore leave to all crew upon them reaching drydock.

Several members of the crew have already explored the various possibilities available to them on the visit to Earth, including diving at the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef is a famous tourist destination because it is a swarm of colour, life, and breathtaking delight. Other Earthlings have returned home for the first time in recent years.

Written by Jo Marshall

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