Galactic Antiquities Exchange’s kick off gala suddenly becomes a much smaller event

Galactic Antiquities Exchange’s kick off gala suddenly becomes a much smaller event

STARBASE 118 OPS — The Galactic Antiquities Exchange and Roadshow visited Starbase 118 Ops for their annual convention, but what should have been a joyful and informative evening has left some physically changed and some missing.

According to sources, the Galactic Antiquities Exchange coordinators explicitly requested that command and senior staff attend the convention’s inaugural gala, and the event’s organisers invited Commander Ishreth Dal to represent Commodore Sal Taybrim for the evening.

The purpose of the convention was to showcase not just a diverse range of antiques, but also historically significant objects unearthed by archaeologists over the previous year. Professor Bissk Jevan of Bajor, the keynote speaker, was very enthusiastic about a new discovery.

“I have made the most astounding find on Altanar VI,” said the professor. “Not only is this a significant mystery in Bajoran history, but it also connects to Bajoran heritage.”

The gala seemed to go off without a hitch at first, until the professor claimed he had discovered another Orb of the Prophets, one of several that are essential to Bajoran faith. A mysterious energy field appeared to bring the Orb to life and cut off communication with the press reporters present at the event.

When security arrived, they discovered that all participants at the event had shrunk to around 8 cm in size. When questioned about his response to witnessing the miniature visitors, Ensign Dunamis said, “Stranger things happen in the life of a Starfleet officer. However, one must just accept things as they come, even if it means stretching one’s belief and straining one’s sight to do so. Please remind me to bring a magnifying lens the next time we meet.”

Upon reviewing the guest list, many attendees, including several members of the senior staff, appeared to be absent.

Lieutenant Commander Mclaren boarded the Narendra, along with Dunamis, Ensign Talas Beck, and medical student Kherys Harper, to chase a ship named ‘The Drowning Pirate.’ According to sources, the crew of said ship may have been involved in the theft of the treasures and kidnapping of the missing visitors.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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