Explosion of Genesis Device destroys Starfleet vessel

Explosion of Genesis Device destroys Starfleet vessel

RINASCITA STATION — The detonation of a Genesis Device aboard the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) destroyed the ship, taking the lives of fourteen people, including those of Acting Chief Science Officer Iefyr Farrel and Acting Chief Engineer Chandra Amari.

The active device was smuggled onboard by Suliban agents who assumed the identities of several members of the station’s crew while investigating a distress call from the station’s Chief Medical Officer.

Starfleet suspected the operatives were planning to steal Dr Grendle’s research on the Genesis Device, which was being built aboard the station. After an away team examined the distress signal, the Suliban kidnapped them and held them captive after discovering the device.

Meanwhile, on board the Resolution, a Section 31 operator who had infiltrated the Suliban cohort attempted to persuade Acting Captain Genkos Adea that there was nothing to worry about and that they should depart the region to prevent a conflict.

In a gesture of desperation, the Suliban activated the Genesis Device and beamed it onboard the Resolution after an altercation on the station injured many members of the away crew. Once engaged, the device’s sequence cannot be stopped.

Adea issued the order to abandon ship, prompting the crew to rush to the escape pods. The survivors were rescued by the USS Carpathia, which was passing through the sector at the time.

The Resolution’s crew is now on their way to Risa, where Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds will conduct an inquiry into the events that led to the vessel’s destruction. The survivors will work closely with the ship’s counselling team to process their shared trauma.

“While it is tragic that we seem to have lost more than we gained,” remarked Counsellor Meidra Sirin. “This mission has taught me to treasure each day as it comes. The Resolution was more than just a ship; it contained a family that is still helping each other heal. I am proud of the time I spent with them.”

Written by Addison MacKenzie

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