Did You Know? – Image Collective Drawing Service

Did You Know? – Image Collective Drawing Service

The amazing team of graphics designers have helped to enhance this universe that we build together. From modified portraits in Starfleet uniforms, to maps of strange new worlds, the Image Collective has come to be a very visible and valuable part of our players’ experiences in the community. Did you know that the Collective has recently started offering a drawing service? Joining me today is Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong, playing a Klingon male serving as a Physician’s Assistant aboard the USS Veritas, to talk more about it.

DeVeau: Ikaia, would you please tell us a little more about how you got into drawing?

Wong: I’ve actually been drawing from a really young age. My dad got me into it back when he was a SAHD and going back to school. It forms some of my earliest childhood memories. But I’ve always enjoyed it! In fact, I actually ended up getting my degree in multimedia and graphic design because of it. It’s still something I always find myself going back to in some capacity or another. If I’m not drawing, I’m actually painting miniatures! Art has been a major part of my life.

What sort of images do you like to draw?

I like to draw faces and character portraits. Sometimes, I see a character and I say to myself – “I must draw that” because some of those facial features look neat and fun to draw. Interestingly, that’s how I ended up drawing Hannibal Parker. His character had a really fun face to draw! I’m more into character design and I like drawing expressions. Sometimes when I draw something really quickly, I allow myself to be a bit messy and highly expressive. I end up having a lot of fun that way. 

Are there any limitations to requests that can be made?

I’m pretty much drawn/vector art only and I’ll be doing that nice Lower Decks style of art. So it’s safe to say that I won’t be doing any photo manips. But you can totally ask me to doodle something! I’ll be taking about two characters a month at this point and it will be a first come first served basis. I am restricting it to character portraits only just to keep things simple. I also CAN’T draw mecha for the life of me. Not that I think I’ll run into that here! But it IS an area of art where I struggle. But character portraits are an easy thing for me. So if you need a new avatar for your wiki, give me a shout! 

What inspired you to begin offering such a service?

Drawing and vector based art is my greatest strength. While we do enjoy our photo manips, I think it’s a great thing to have more options out there available to everyone. Because my strength is in drawing, I figured it was the best asset I can offer as a member of the Image Collective. Now if someone was looking for that nice Lower Decks look for their character, they now have that as an option as well.

How would someone who wants to take advantage of this service contact you to make a request?

I’m easily reachable through the SB118 Discord as Ikaia Wong. Just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Thank you for your time Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong!

You can read more about Ikaia Wong on the wiki.

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